This is the official blog of my UTAUs. It is for informational purposes as well as for providing download links to my voicebanks.

You may freely use any of my UTAU voicebanks, so long as you comply to the simple rules that I have posted below, and those that the creators of the program have set.

1. Follow the rules set by the creators of UTAU.

2. Do not edit/modify the voicebanks (other than their oto.ini or flags).

3. Do not redistribute any of the downloads or their passwords. Please refer back here.

4. If doing artwork of my UTAUs, you can modify hair and clothes only. Do not change bodily proportions or other permanent conditions (things like cat ears are an exception).

5. Don't make my UTAUs sing (or say) anything that could be seen as significantly obscene, offensive, or highly inappropriate.

6. Do not attempt to make identical UTAUs. Be creative!

7. Please ask before creating relationships (ex: friends, family, etc.)

A few additional rules apply to each character and may vary. Read their pages for more info...

- PM me on DeviantArt: http://raiyux.deviantart.com/ - 1st priority.
- PM me on UTAforum: http://utaforum.net/index.php?action=profile;u=172 - 2nd priority.

I will get back to you as soon as I can!

Don't have an account on either of these sites? You can also email me at raiyux@gmail.com. However, please note that I do not check my emails very often. I may take quite some time to reply this way.

Thank you for visiting! <3

あなたが翻訳するためにGoogleを使用する場合、私は不正確な翻訳とそのように責任はないことをご了承ください。私は日本人で、正確な翻訳を提供することはできませんごめんなさい。私は英語を話すことができる... TT TT

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Under Construction

Some things might be a little weird...especially with the text. Links should still be working, but let me know if you ever come across a dead link. I'd hate to go on having my voicebanks being inaccessible without my knowledge!

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