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あなたが翻訳するためにGoogleを使用する場合、私は不正確な翻訳とそのように責任はないことをご了承ください。私は日本人で、正確な翻訳を提供することはできませんごめんなさい。私は英語を話すことができる... TT TT

Nakane Fuuka

Note - Official eye color has been changed to brown, since then.

Given Name: Fuuka (goes by 'Fuu')
Fuu means 'wind'. Fuuka means 'weathering', and is also close to the Japanese word, 'fukafuka', which means 'fluffy'.

Family Name: Nakane
-Means 'middle', or 'center-sound'.

(The meaning of her name isn't related to the sound of her voice).

Model #: F-095

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Height: 5'2"

Weight: 90 Ibs

Birthday: August 3

Character Item: Potato.

Likes: Rainstorms, food, video games, fluffy things.

Dislikes: Spiders, math, winter time, chores.

Description: Fuu has no problem being herself around the people she trusts. When she's with friends, she will act a bit more immature, while around strangers, she'll act her more grown-up. She can be shy around guys, sometimes. Fuu has a tendency to be a klutz when it comes to situations of judgement, causing for awkward situations. Although she cares about people and doesn't mind helping out acquaintances, she can be very lazy at times. Fuu's favorite food is potatoes, which she eats as often as possible and in any form. She can be described as eccentric, at times.

Family: Nakane Kaori (older sister)
Fuu and Kaori live in the same household and have a strange relationship as sisters. While some older siblings take the role of caring guardians, Kaori is taunting and somewhat devious. Fuu and Kaori constantly argue over everything, from duets to dinner. Sometimes their verbal arguments turn into physical brawls, which can end up being hilarious.

Voicebank Information: ACT1
Although great with high-notes, it is a stuffy and off-oto'd voicebank. Some aliases may be incorrect. Also requires gender-flagging in order to sound like the creator intended. Pronunciation/annunciation is not 100%, partially due to muffled nature of the bank. No extra sounds; breaths do not work correctly.

Type: CV
Text type: Romaji; Hiragana aliased
Recommended Flags: g-5
Recommended Resampler(s): fresamp
Freq. Avg: E4

Sample: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-xjjZ8IBaz4

Voicebank Information: ACT2.1
This second voicebank continues to sound especially well on high notes, but unlike the previous one, it is quite limited in lower ranges and is not recommended for notes under E4, unless using the tn_fnds resampler. Update 2.1 was later created and featured a set of slightly lower recordings. This was an attempt to increase the quality of lower notes, but it failed. In fact, these lower recordings had considerably more background noise and were inconsistent in comparison to the original recordings. The voicebank is very nasal as a whole. Oto.inis became acceptable after adjustments were made from time to time. While there is no (or minimal) slurring, all overlaps are set to 0, so consonants do not blend as well. Flags are not necessary. Originally contained extra sounds, but were later removed. Better pronunciation.

Type: CV
Text type: Romaji; Hiragana aliased
Recommended Flags: --
Recommended Resampler(s): fresamp*, tn_fnds (for lower than E4)I
Freq. Avg: F4

Sample: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=utsoRSrsvTA&feature=relmfu

Voicebank Information: ACT3
This voicebank is greatly improved from ACTs 1 & 2. While the voice itself sounds more like ACT1, it is much clearer and smoother. Pronunciations and oto.ini is improved. This voicebank sounds better on lower notes, unlike before. Contains working breaths and a few extra sounds. Since it is optimized with the TIPS resampler, there may be slight rasp in long notes.

Type: CV (with a few extra VCV samples)
Text type: Romaji; Hiragana aliased
Recommended Flags: --
Recommended Resampler(s): TIPS
Freq. Avg: E4

Sample: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SYICqDgOnhk

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