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あなたが翻訳するためにGoogleを使用する場合、私は不正確な翻訳とそのように責任はないことをご了承ください。私は日本人で、正確な翻訳を提供することはできませんごめんなさい。私は英語を話すことができる... TT TT

Nakane Kaori

NAKANE KAORI (To be Voiced)

Design: Pink hair that reaches her lower back. Her eyes are brown like her sister's, but she has a an almost gold colored slit of discoloration in the upper-right part of her left eye. Kaori currently has no official design as far as clothing, and anything is subject to change.

Sample: Kaori does not have a voicebank, yet.
[Note: I am open to voice donors! Contact me for details~]

Given Name: Kaori
Can mean 'scent'.

(The meaning of her name has nothing to do with the sound of her voice).

Model #: K-092

Gender: Female

Age: 21

Height: 5'6"

Weight: Unknown

Birthday: October 13

Character Item: Sock-Monkey

Likes: Night time, tea, daredevils, opera (secretely).

Dislikes: Housework, makeup, animals, monotony.

Description: Kaori can seem mysterious to the people she doesn't know. But those who get to know her would know that she can be a fun-loving person, as she has a sort of unknown desire for excitement. Kaori does most of her kind deeds when no one is looking. Around her younger sister, Fuu, she acts detached and loves to mess with her. Even though she seems like she doesn't care, Kaori secretly cares a great deal for Fuu and would go far to protect her. She spends a lot of time wondering where to go in life, though she rarely shares what she's thinking.

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