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あなたが翻訳するためにGoogleを使用する場合、私は不正確な翻訳とそのように責任はないことをご了承ください。私は日本人で、正確な翻訳を提供することはできませんごめんなさい。私は英語を話すことができる... TT TT

Castella Nova


English: Castella Nova
Romaji: Noba Kasutera
Hiragana: のばかすてら
Kanji: ノバカステラ

Design: http://raiyux.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d5bi35q

Sample: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6lfKUqCxtWE&feature=plcp

'Castella' - A Japanese sponge cake.
Also named for the word 'Stella', meaning 'star' in Italian.

'Nova' - A word for the explosion of a star. Also means 'new' in many languages.

NICKNAME: Nova (Kayu's nickname for her, even though they share the same last name)

MODEL #: C50931A

In Castella and Kayu's home planet (they are aliens), model numbers are randomly generated codes given to people at birth. These codes are used to identify citizens throughout their lives. People are only allowed to be addressed by their first names by family and close friends. To all others, Castella is known as C1A.


AGE: Approximately 216 months (18 Yrs).

Age is measured by months on Castella's planet.

HEIGHT: 5'4"

WEIGHT: 108 Ibs

BIRTHDAY: February 9

CHARACTER ITEM: Castella (Japanese style spongecake)

LIKES: All music, desserts, science, animals, being in control.

DISLIKES: Earth people (or so she says), plain clothing, silence, manual labor.

Somewhat bossy; but caring, indulgent, emotionally strong, graceful, clever, selfish.

Castella and her cousin Kayu are upperclass aliens from another planet, visiting Earth to study humans' lifestyles and behaviors. The two of them live amongst average people, blending in, in secret.
Castella looks down on the inhabitants of Earth, as the people of her planet are raised to do. As a result, she can come off as snarky, while she is actually quite kind and compassionate. She is also quick to become jealous. The first thing she comes to love about Earth is its music, and she loves to wear strange outfits.

Voicebank Information: Castella CV
Type: Romaji, Hiragana aliased
Recommended Flags: --
Recommended Resampler(s): TIPS, tn_fnds 
Freq. Avg: D4

Voicebank Information: Castella VCV 

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